Logging in for the first-time

Step 1: Once you’ve reached your online banking login screen, you may enter your current Username and Password credentials. Then, click the “Log In” icon.
Step 2: Now, you may set up your contact phone numbers. Please enter the phone number where you’d like to receive the one-time passcode.

  • For US Numbers, you do not need to include the 1 in front of the area code.
  • To receive SMS Text Messages, the mobile phone number is a required field
  • If you do not have a home number, you
    may repeat the number in the mobile field
  • IMPORTANT: For couples or families who share login information, you will need to update phone numbers  - one will need to accept text messages while the other will need to accept phone calls. 
  • We strongly recommend having separate logins for each individual.  Contact us today for assistance in getting new credentials established.

frequently asked questions

How do I change my phone number where I’d like to receive alerts?

Once you’ve logged in to your online banking, click on the “Profile” button in the upper, right-hand corner of your menu bar.
Once in the “Profile” section of your online banking, locate the line-item titled “Security Challenge”. Next, select “Edit”.

Will I need a code every time I login?

You will only need an updated code when you login from an unfamiliar location or a different device. 

I inadvertently replied “STOP”. How do I reinstate text messaging to my mobile device?

Please follow the instructions titled “How do I change my phone number where I’d like to receive alerts?” to reinstate text messaging to your mobile device.

When I receive the alert call, it appears as a SPAM call. Is this a legitimate call?

The call center where verification calls originate is located in Sunny Vale, CA. This may appear as SPAM on your caller ID, depending on your carrier.

What if I have locked myself out of my account?

We are here to assist you! Simply contact us and we will assist in unlocking your account.

Still not finding the answer you need?

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