protect your accounts, sleep a little better at night

In an era where financial fraud poses a significant challenge to businesses and financial institutions alike, it's crucial to arm your company with robust protective measures. Positive Pay offers a powerful shield, significantly reducing your vulnerability to unauthorized check and ACH transactions, thereby fortifying your financial security.

Positive Pay is a tailored solution designed to combat the rising tide of financial fraud. With distinct services for both check and ACH transactions, Positive Pay equips you with the tools to early detect and respond to fraudulent activities, safeguarding your business's financial integrity.

  • Check Positive Pay: This service enhances your fraud prevention strategy by daily comparing checks presented for payment against your company's issued checks list. It ensures early detection of fraudulent, altered, or counterfeit checks, giving you the power to review and decide on the legitimacy of each transaction.

  • ACH Positive Pay: This service empowers you to take control of ACH debits and credits, enabling you to manage them through specific filters and blocks. It offers a proactive approach to monitor, detect, and respond to unusual or unauthorized ACH transactions, minimizing your exposure to ACH fraud.

How You Benefit

  • For ACH Transactions:

    • Significantly lower the risk of ACH fraud.
    • Monitor and detect unusual or unauthorized ACH activities.
    • Receive timely notifications about exception items for your review.
    • Implement filters or blocks for enhanced control over ACH transactions.

  • For Check Transactions:

    • Drastically reduce the risk of check fraud.
    • Examine check images for verification.
    • Get alerted about exception items needing your decision.
    • Exercise the authority to pay or return questionable checks.

Effortless Integration and Operation

Setting up Positive Pay is straightforward and user-friendly. Whether establishing filters and blocks for ACH transactions or uploading check issue files for checks written, our system is designed for ease of use. You'll receive comprehensive training and support to ensure a seamless integration into your business's financial processes.

For ACH Positive Pay, customize your account settings with specific filters and blocks to precisely control which transactions are permitted and prevent unauthorized ones from affecting your account.

For Check Positive Pay, simply upload the details of issued checks through Business Online Banking. Our system then verifies each presented check against your authorization, ensuring only legitimate transactions are processed.

Embrace Financial Security with Positive Pay

Visit with our Treasury Services Team today to discover more about how Positive Pay can transform your approach to financial fraud prevention, offering not just a service, but a partnership in securing your business's future.