Effortlessly Track and Initiate Wire Transfers

With ACCESSbank, monitoring the status of your wire transfers is a breeze. Use our systems search function to find wires by transfer description, date, amount, or reference number. In addition, conveniently set up automated wire confirmation emails for you or your Accounting team for efficient tracking.

Maximize Efficiency with Wire Transfer Templates

Say goodbye to repetitive data entry with our Wire Transfer Templates. These user-friendly templates not only save you time but also ensure consistency and accuracy for every transaction. Whether you're setting up a new template or using an existing one, our platform streamlines the process, allowing for quick and secure wire submissions.

Comprehensive Review and Approval System

Our Review Wire Transfer features enables you to oversee transactions awaiting action, providing a robust control mechanism for approving or disapproving transfer. Implement Internal Dual Control adding an extra layer of security to all wires submitted for processing. Additionally, with the option to review and approve wire transfer templates, you maintain complete oversight, ensuring that every transaction aligns with your business’s financial strategies.

Get Started Today

Dive into the world of hassle-free financial transactions with ACCESSbank’s Wire Manager. From tracking and initiating to reviewing and approving wire transfers, we've got you covered. Embrace a new level of financial management that saves time, boosts efficiency, and secures your transactions.

Why Wait? Streamline Your Wire Transfers Now with ACCESSbank

Visit with the Treasury Services Team to learn more about our wire services and how we can help transform your financial operations. Say hello to convenience, security, and efficiency—say hello to ACCESSbank's Wire Manager.