Cash Management

Two Ways to Get Your Cash Flowing

1. DEPOSITbeam® 
If you want to spend less time running to the bank and more time running your business, then DEPOSITbeam® may be right for you. Especially if you have multiple locations, receive checks after normal hours or receive checks for large dollar amounts. 

Make Deposits on Your Own Schedule

  • Deposit funds from multiple locations
  • Deposit funds anytime you want, 24/7
  • Eliminate midday trips to the bank
  • Deposit funds up until 6:00 p.m. CST to be credited the next business day
  • Free up staff for other tasks
  • Go digital - maintaining and storing images for easy access

How it Works
All you have to do is scan your checks using an approved scanner (connected to your computer and the Internet) and then transmit the deposit using our secure online website. The scanner automatically reads and calculates check amounts. We'll receive your deposit the same as if you'd made it in person. That's it for fast, secure, convenient electronic deposit of all your checks. 

2. ACH Services
With ACH processing, you can send and receive payments electronically - not only reducing the need for checks, but also reducing dependency on debit and credit card payments.

  • Send and receive funds quickly and securely
  • Easily execute consumer, business and government transactions
  • Eliminate the cost and waste of sending, receiving and processing checks
  • Enable direct payroll deposit for employees
  • Enjoy quicker access to funds
  • Enhance security, reporting, audit trails - and returns and collections

ACH services let you manage your funds more effectively across all payment types.

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